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What to do in case of death ?

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Advice and support

We will advise you and provide you with support tailored to your needs

Surrounded by a friendly, fully trained and informed team, we are at your entire disposal and will provide you with all the support and discretion you need by being available for you at all times, in order to organize everything down to the smallest detail and accompany you in these difficult times, with respect and dignity.

In addition to the complete organization of the funeral, we will give you all the necessary advice and explanations and give you our “Post-Death Reminder“, dealing with:

  • paperwork: employer, pension fund(s), taxes, municipal, cantonal, federal, military authorities, identity documents, other authorities, etc.
  • relationships with organizations: insurance/providence, post office, banks, real estate, etc.
  • termination of contracts: insurance/providence, rent, telephones, loans, vehicles, newspapers, Serafe/Billag, social networks, etc.

Death occurring at home

  • Call your family doctor, the doctor on duty in your region or 144 who will certify the death and draw up the death certificate
  • Then contact us at 079 449 44 18
  • Permanence of Funeral Directors DAY and NIGHT

Death occurring in hospital, clinic, retirement home, home or EMS

  • The declaration of death by a doctor is taken care of by the establishment
  • Then contact us at 079 449 44 18
  • Permanence of Funeral Directors DAY and NIGHT

Death following an accident on the public highway, suspicious death or other

  • The police will be notified immediately on 027 326 56 56 and will take the necessary measures.
  • The first steps are taken care of by the authorities
  • Then contact us at 079 449 44 18
  • Permanence of Funeral Directors DAY and NIGHT

it is to love

Experiencing the disappearance of a loved one is a painful moment for loved ones. Avoid all the difficulties that inevitably add to the sadness of losing a loved one.
What a great proof of love to take care of yourself so as not to leave it up to others to take care of it. When the day comes, you will greatly relieve those around you about the difficult choices that must be made. 

Your last wishes respected

We want to be close to your concerns. 
Strict respect for your last wishes is guaranteed: burial, cremation, type of ceremony, place, announcement, flowers, gathering, monument, maintenance of the tomb, procedures, formalities, costs, fees, various taxes, and even donations of organs...
We are committed to scrupulously respecting and carrying out your wishes, with dignity.
Nothing can be changed without your consent. 

Freedom of choice

Choose everything yourself down to the smallest detail, from the type of burial to the conduct of the ceremony. You free your family, your loved ones, from all concerns. You have the certainty that everything is organized down to the smallest detail and respected according to your wishes, when the time comes.
Clear, complete, precise and accessible to all, FUNESTA assists you in all your steps.

Our guarantees

With its extensive experience, our association provides you with all the guarantees, both financial and those of respect for your dearest wishes.
To date, thousands of people are taking advantage of our unique advantages and services.
Choosing us is doing the right thing!
Because there are times when you have to be sure you can trust.

Sound solutions and advice

Our counselors inform you about your rights and those of your family. 
Competent and perfectly trained, up to your requirements, they are there to answer all your questions with the utmost discretion. 

Peace of mind

From today and for your peace of mind, prepare your funeral, thanks to the advice of competent professionals. 
Your loved ones will have no steps to take, nor any fees to pay. 
Everything will be settled in advance, both financially and according to your wishes. You won't have to think about it anymore. 

A real economy

Thanks to FUNESTA, you will never pay your funeral in full, regardless of the day you die.
You will benefit from a very advantageous annual, lifetime or single premium, depending on your age and your budget. 

Reassured by making sure

Having everything planned in advance will not prevent you from living, quite the contrary. 
This will bring you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is organized and regulated down to the smallest detail.