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We will advise you and provide you with support tailored to your needs

Surrounded by a friendly, perfectly trained and informed team, we are at your entire disposal, will provide you with all the support and discretion that is appropriate by being available for you at all times, in order to organize everything down to the smallest detail and accompany you in these difficult times, with respect and dignity.

Tasks assigned to the undertaker's company

Nowadays, funeral directors take care of everything and take care of everything, so that no small detail is forgotten.
Everything is organized in a methodical way and carried out in agreement with the bereaved family, who can, if they wish, assist and even help with the various tasks below, inherent in the death. 
Professionalism should not prevent the participation of families in these different tasks, which are carried out around and for your dear deceased. The gestures made by loved ones have a meaning. They have therapeutic value.


(increasingly carried out by the company of Funeral Directors) 
  • Burial permit, drawn up by the civil registrar, on the basis of the death certificate issued by the doctor who declared the death, as well as the family record book given by the family;
  • Death certificate(s), if desired, to announce the death to the various insurance companies of your dear deceased;
  • Folder for cremation, in order to allow the cremation of the body, if necessary;
  • contacts with civil status, the parish, the municipal administration, the technical service, the municipal police, the funeral center, the gravediggers, the marble worker, etc.  
  • Announcement in newspapers, indicated for convenience, but not mandatory;
  • Reservations café(s) and restaurant(s) for the reception of family, friends, companies, clubs, contemporaries, etc., after the funeral = recommended according to the habits and customs of the place, without however being obligatory.
  • Memory aid after death, form given by the Funeral Directors, of the procedures to be carried out by the family; 
  • Etc