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Tasks devolved to the Funeral Home Company

Nowadays, the companies of the Funeral Home take care of everything and take care of everything, so that no small detail is forgotten.

Everything is organized in a methodical way and carried out in agreement with the bereaved family, who can, if they wish, assist and even help with the various tasks above, inherent in the death.

Professionalism should not prevent the participation of families in these different tasks that are carried out around and for the deceased.

The actions performed by loved ones have meaning. They have therapeutic value. The formalities, more and more carried out by the company of Funeral Services:

  • Burial permit issued by the civil status officer, on the basis of the death certificate, issued by the doctor, having certified the death, and the family record book provided by the family 
  • Death certificate (s), if desired, to announce the death to the various insurances / provident funds of the deceased
  • File for cremation, to allow it, if necessary
  • Contacts with the civil status, the parish, the municipal administration, the technical service, the municipal / municipal police, the funeral center, the gravediggers, the marble maker, the reservation of the café (s) -restaurant (s), etc.
  • Announcement in the newspapers, indicated for convenience, but not compulsory
  • Reservation of the café (s) and restaurant (s) for the reception of family, friends, companies, clubs, class, etc., after the funeral = recommended according to habits and customs of the place, without however being obligatory.

I want you to take care of a death that has occurred or is about to be

Our services

Entrusting us with the organization of the funeral means trusting us and trusting our know-how, experienced for over 30 years throughout French-speaking Switzerland. So that this last tribute goes smoothly and in full compliance with your expectations, we offer you a varied range of products, from the most classic to the most innovative, in order to be able to best meet your wishes and your requirements.

Trusting us also means being able to benefit from our advice, based on a lifetime of serving bereaved families, both in the choice of the ceremony and in the organization of commemorations.

Our coffins

Regardless of the type of ceremony chosen, the body of your loved one must be placed in a coffin. In order to match the image of the deceased and to respect your budget, we offer 4 ranges of caskets, which are mainly distinguished by the quality of the wood chosen and the ornaments thereof.

Being at the forefront of innovation with our personalized coffins, we offer them exclusively.

Our solid wood coffins

Our personalized coffins

Our urns

Our biodegradable urns

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Our monuments - Funeral Arts

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Single or double monuments | children's stelae | cinerary tombs
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cinerary spaces and structures for urns
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Garden of Remembrance

common cinerary spaces
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Cherubs Garden

cinerary spaces for children
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