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How to do it right?

When death occurs, mourning is one of the most difficult times for those close to the deceased to manage. Each person will grieve and be affected differently. But in these moments it is always nice to be able to count on the support of other people. This is why it is important to demonstrate your availability and sympathy to the bereaved. But how can we do this without falling into exaggeration or cliché? How do we let mourners know how much we appreciate the deceased? How do we let them know that we are ready to help them, to share a few moments with them?   

Beyond tradition, sympathy cards, flowers and wreaths, gifts, donations, or any other gesture will allow you to express your sympathy for the bereaved. In addition, attending the various offices, vigils, gatherings and other ceremonies will be a significant way to demonstrate your attachment.

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How do you show your sympathy?

In the event of a death, showing sympathy to the bereaved is greatly appreciated. The question we are often asked is how to do it? Attending the wake or/and the funeral ceremony is a way to show sympathy, but you can also write a letter, send flowers or a gift, or simply be available to share a moment or a memory with those in need. grief. And don't forget that these gestures will not only be appreciated on the days of the ceremony, but also during the weeks and months following the death.

What to say in the event of a death?

We often wonder what to say to a grieving person. Given the situation in which the bereaved find themselves, a simple “condolence” or “I am here for you” will always be very well received. If you are a little closer to the people affected by a death, you can, in addition to attending the funeral, send them a gift or even bring them a meal. But the most important thing is to stay humble and not overplay your pain; this is why often a simple sincere look, accompanied by a handshake or a hug will be the most sincere mark of esteem and affection.

What to write in a condolence card?

Many people want to send a sympathy card to the family or grieving loved ones, but they don't know what words to put on this missive. On the strength of our long experience, we are happy to advise you and find with you the few words to include, according to your degree of intimacy. Do not hesitate to turn to us to help you write it.